Spellforce 2 - Dragon Storm

Spellforce 2 - Dragon Storm 1.0

Sprellforce Dragon Storm is an expansion developed by Phenomic
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Sprellforce Dragon Storm is an expansion of Spellforce 2, both developed by Phenomic.
In this extension of Spellforce you are going to find a lot of new characters to play. And some old characters will be back.
In this opportunity, your character Shaikan, as you remember is the one who has dragon blood in his veins. So he has the ability to summon followers from different places of the world instantly to one´s side.
The magical portals that connect one part of the continent with another are broken, you will have to find a way to fix them.
You must remember that the rune stones, will help you.
In addition, you will face the evil elf who has the orcs on his side. Another character you will fight with is the Shapers, the ancient beings that brought all the magic in first place to the world. Of course that you have something in your favor, that they doesn´t know: dragon blood.

Sound and graphics
The sound effects as in the previous versions are very good as much as the soundtrack. The graphics are excellent and the scenarios are very carefully built.

In conclusion, new characters and a well known adventure.

María Noel Balla
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